Featured Artist: Dakota Cates, Wizard of Barge

As you may have already noticed Geek Leak is a big fan of nerd art. If you are too you need to check out Dakota Cates aka Wizard of Barge. We stumbled upon Dakota’s work when searching Krang hashtags on instagram and came across this amazing piece.


We instantly fell in love with this piece, obviously from our love for Krang but also his style which has an Alex Pardee feel to it. Going through his pictures we discovered that Dakota is very talented and unique and we had to share his work.


We decided to have our first interview with him, so here is our Q&A:

What is your name and where do you live? 
Dakota Cates aka Wizard of Barge, Conroe Texas

What age did you start painting? 
Like 2 years ago, but with watercolors, about 6 months, always used markers before that

Favorite Artists?
Dr. Suess, Neckface, Jim Henson Michael Sieben, Alex Pardee, Tim Burton too many to name

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Childhood tv shows and games, horror movies, anything funny

What medium is your favorite to work with?
Whatever’s around me, mostly micron pens and some random little watercolors

How long does it typically take to finish a piece?
I’m super impatient so i usually try to rush the painting and end up messing it up, i did that last night -_-

Favorite Movie?
Hard questions, The labrynth? anything by Tim Burton, Cheesy old horror movies

Favorite Video Game?
World of Warcraft, not really into it as much anymore, but i had a huge addiction a few years ago

Favorite piece you worked on?
The finn and jake was probably the most fun


If you had to tag team against Predator and Robocop who would be your partner?
Chucky from child’s play, or Gengar

Favorite Cartoon Villain?
Frieza, Android 17 and 18, all the DBZ villains, i love DBZ>anything

If you could choose any cartoon character to battle mortal kombat style who would it be and what would their fatality be?
Invader Zim maybe? He always does super gnarly gross stuff to people, like steal all their organs or covered them in pimples or something like that

Favorite Wizard? 
I’m gunna go with The Goblin King, he’s counts forsure

If you lost your arm and had to replace it with a weapon, what would it be?
Broken 40oz bottle

Hoverboard or flying magic carpet?
The flying nimbus no doubt

What do you do when you are not painting? 
Skating, going to shows, barging

Where would you like to see your art take you in the future? 
Out of the minimum wage job i’m working now

w4 w6 w5 w3

For now Dakota posts pictures of his artwork on instagram but if you need to contact him you can via facebook. He is waiting for a bigger demand to make prints, so go to his instagram and show him your love because we want prints!

Dakota Cates aka Wizard of Barge instagram & facebook

– Geek Leak

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